IoT solution

Smart Condition Based Maintenance

The smart facility maintenance solution deviates from the existing facility maintenance method, which was replaced with a new one regardless of the condition of the parts at the specified exchange time
It refers to a 'smart' facility maintenance solution that takes care of proper maintenance measures according to the actual condition of the facility.

What is a Smart Facility Solution (CBM)?
Industry 4.0 is the stage of industry development in which an intelligent production system in which machines, people, and services are interconnected is common knowledge.
For this connection, various sensors are connected and intelligent data analytics programs are mobilized.
Monitoring of various machines, equipment, and facilities has enabled appropriate maintenance work to suit the conditions of each mechanical facility.

These changes have been costly and business-intensive by responding (maintenance) to failures in the past.
Even for parts that can be used for a considerable period of time, the "scheduled waste" caused by regular and unconditional replacement according to the regulations will be eliminated
So-called "smart facility maintenance" is becoming possible.