IoT solution

Structure Safety Inspection System

Novatech has developed a fireproof structure safety inspection system called NOVA-SCAN. Nova-Scan is a safe and fast inspection system by inserts a safety inspection robot inside dangerous structures such as chemical production facilities and chimneys to check the internal condition.

Firebricks in fireproof structures have an average life cycle of 1 year and 6 months, but the replacement period is not constant, so safety must be checked every 3 months.

During the inspection, wait until the fireproof structure is stopped and the temperature inside is sufficiently lowered before putting in the operator. The operator will visually inspect the interior of the fireproof structure approximately 20 meters high in a basket suspended from the high crane, which is likely to be misdiagnosed and, above all, always carries the operator's risk. In this process, there is a huge cost in terms of time and capital.

The system dramatically reduces the shutdown time of fireproof structures and enables much more precise measurements than the human eye. It also compares and analyzes measurement data with existing data accumulated continuously to automatically determine the optimal repair point and repair site.

Users can leverage a variety of automatically identified data to increase productivity and increase worker reliability.

● Unmanned Automation System

The safety inspection of fireproof structures using this system is automatically carried out through the inspection robot. The inspection robot sends the data being checked to the remote terminal of the inspector in real-time and stores it on the server. The inspector can check the progress of the inspection and the internal condition of the fireproof structure through a remote terminal outside the fireproof structure. The unmanned automation method, which breaks away from the traditional method of entering the fireproof structure directly by the operator, ensures the safety of the operator and produces more accurate and precise data than the visual information.

● Computerization and analysis of internal conditions of refractory structures (computer information service)

The inspection robot is equipped with a 3D scanner using Point Cloud Library (PCL) technology, which calculates the interior of the refractory structure as three-dimensional 3D data and transmits it to the server with various data required for inspection. These data sent to the server are used to analyze parts that require maintenance and are reconstructed into a visualized 3D model and presented to remote devices. The inspector can help determine whether to proceed with the repair by looking at the internal model of the refractory structure showing the parts that need to be maintained.

On the other hand, photographs taken with eight high-resolution cameras mounted 360° on the inspection robot are mapped to the refractory model, allowing the inspector to recheck the photographs of the interior of the refractory.

● Affordable in terms of cost and time (minimize loss costs)

The fireproof structure safety inspection system can be used to maximize cost and time savings, not human input.